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Cinema advertising refers to running your promotion before the movie starts when the audience comfortably sits in the theatre. Theatre advertising brings a perfect place to advertise your products with an attentive audience, surround sound, and pitch-black environment.

Cinema advertising can be a budget-friendly solution for your marketing budget. Also, you will be able to advertise a specific set of customers in a particular area. These boundaries can help target precise audiences and also prevent spending extra. Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. collaborates with various multiplex theaters so that you can promote your brand in any city or state.

We have work with multiple cinema chains to offer abundant options to our clients. Use theatre advertising to impress the audience with your product.

Cinema advertising


The definition of shopping mall advertising is positioning your ads within the shopping mall vicinity, including traditional, backlit, and hung banners, hoardings, and displays.

Mall advertising can be a great opportunity as people visiting are already out for shopping.If your business provides value to those who view your product in a mall,you can opt for shopping mall advertising.We serve shopping mall advertising with mall displays, hung banners, backlit dioramas, and many more to our clients who wish to promote their products and services in shopping malls.

We also assist our clients with product display, indoor shopping stalls, shopping mall stall setups, and many more to our clients who wish to promote their products and services in shopping malls. Get comprehensive assistance from Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. for shopping mall advertising.

Mall advertising


Restaurants and cafes are the places where most people prefer to visit in a group. Cafe advertising refers to positioning your ad in cafes, restaurants, and food counters to target an audience that comes for food and entertainment.

Cafe advertising can be a stellar strategy for various industries to market a group of individuals, where all you need is a poster and people looking for a good time.

We've helped companies achieve great success in generating sales through cafe advertisements. Some of our successful promotion includes standee, LED TV Screen Ad, and Easel Branding. Entertain and convert your audience with our Cafe advertising.

Cafe advertising


We provide a plethora of advertising solutions for all your marketing requirements. Sahu creates conventional and unconventional marketing techniques that produce a unique perception of your brand.

This type of promotion stands out from the rest. Some of these strategies are promoting social issues, memefying brand, and newspaper cartoon ads.


You can do ambient advertising anywhere and everywhere. These ads offer a different vision to the advertised products as people start thinking about them creatively.This ambient media showcases your brand in unusual places like theaters,shopping malls, trolley handles in the supermarkets, projecting advertisements in a cafe, etc.The best way to get the most out of your marketing investment is to upsell those who already bought something from you.Ambient media is the best approach for upselling.

Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. helps you promote your brand with the best ambient media advertisements. We have multiple advertisement options available for you. Use ambient media to get the best out of your advertisement investment.