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Digitized displays are the best way to grab attention and stand out from the rest.

LED display board uses bright red light on a blackboard, making the onlookers view your ad a bit longer.

Our range of products include LED display, Rectangular promotional board, standee LED display board, and Running LED display boards.

LED display board


Clip-on boards make your poster ad look alive, as it has luminescent light at the rectangular edge of the board.

We use aluminum to build our clip-on board, making them long-lasting and lightweight.

Our wide range of clip-on board includes wall-mounted, desk-stand, and photo frame boards. Connect with us to get a free quote for your requirements.

Clip-on boards


The usage of acrylic glow sign boards varies from displaying your ads to your brand name.

These boards have the option to lit up the written words on the frame. It makes your brand name or your advertisement look attractive and entrust a feeling of sureness in the customers.

We create customized acrylic glow sign boards according to your requirements.

acrylic glow sign boards


In-shop branding can make the striding viewers slow down and look at your products for a few more seconds.

Our in-shop branding techniques include signages, wall graphics, in-house fabrications, wall-mounted clip-on boards, and many more.

These marketing strategies help motivate the customers that are already in your shop.Convince your prospects to buy your products with in-shop branding.

In-shop branding


An enriching signboard is enough to draw attention as well as to display your services to customers.

This marketing strategy is not a direct approach, but it provides value to the customers and shows a professional courtesy to the viewers.

We display ads on signboards with industrial-grade material ensuring durability and multiple sizes, as per our client's requirements. Seize the attention of your prospects with our value-driven signboards.





If you want to run a regional campaign, petrol pump branding can nurture a massive conversion rate and view on your ad.

Locals frequent petrol pumps located nearby, and this marketing strategy provides unmatched visibility because of its need for everyone to visit the fuel station.

We have multiple fuel stations available for you to display your advertisements. Get the maximum exposure with our petro pump branding.

petrol pump branding

Branding is what you do as soon as you inaugurate your business. Branding refers to a marketing system in which a firm creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.

It's a professional approach that industry giants follow to get your prospects to trust you with their money. Branding allows your customers to know what you are and how you can solve their problems. You can create a memorable impression on your consumers through out-of-the-box branding.

Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. provides impeccable branding services to small and medium enterprises. We empower you to tell your story to your consumers. Here are some of the branding services Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. serves: