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Bus Advertising refers to advertising wraps covered on the outside of city buses.These buses roam all over the city,covering almost all travel routes commuters use each day.

Bus Advertising has been marking its way in marketing for ages, and you can use compelling ads that display on the side of public transport buses and get hyperlocal advertising done for your business.

We have a fleet of advertiser buses such as PMT, PMPML, BEST, and private buses available for marketing your brand.Leverage on bus advertisement if you want high reach and repeated exposure for your products and services.

Bus advertising


Bus queue advertisement or bus shelter ads refer to promoting your brand at bus stop premises. We can find these ads on or near the shelter beside bus stops.

You can target busy bus stops and bus queues and run your ads to get the commuter's attention. Promote your products to commuters that give you more views and a good ROI on your marketing investment. Bus shelters can be the go-to method for you.

We help some of the reputed brands with bus shelter advertising. We work with all types of brands to provide them bus queue advertisements at cost-effective investments.

Bus queue advertisement


Static and digital displays positioned strategically in domestic and international airports to lure air traveler's attention refer to airport advertising.

These digital boards are visible to all travelers- while they walk through the terminal gate for a flight departure or as they are waiting for their luggage at baggage claim. Big brands use airport advertising to target an upper-class audience for their services. With Sahu Advertising Pvt. Ltd., you can target any international and domestic airports in the country.

Whether you are a medium enterprise or a big firm,our airport advertising can help you get the attention of frequent air travelers.

airport advertising


Indian railway stations witness approximately 22.21 million commuters for over 20,000 trains each day. These numbers are enough for making train advertising a top priority for medium and large enterprises.

You can promote your services at various places and forms such as train wrapping, inside train, and railway platforms. Indian railways are the best mode of transport for the country.

With thousands of daily commuters, railway advertising fits any ad campaign, budget, and many mega brands prefer this method to reach the masses.We have Pan-India railway stations available at your service if you need to market your brand on platforms, train stations, and trains.You can engage the masses on the move and have a large number of views on your advertisements.



Canter/Van Advertising is a marketing strategy where you can display your product or services on-the-move. Canter advertising refers to promoting your brand on a van/canter that moves all over the city and target places.

With Van/canter advertising, your ads can reach a mass audience if your targeted audience is not reachable through banners and hoarding strategy. Vans/canters have fixed illuminated hoardings, banners, or billboards that roam around the city and parks at any target places.

Our Van advertising also has the option to display large products like bikes and other products. Our fleet includes tempos, vans, canters, and large trucks for your requirements. Hire our Van/canter services for targeting specific cities in India

Canter/Van Advertising


Tricycle designed for branding purposes with promotional boards at the back refers to tricycle advertising. These tricycles rake in views in any targeted area for hours at a time. They provide more views than static billboards and can turn heads due to their unconventional method of advertising.You can get more ROI with less investment in your marketing campaign.

If you want a budget-friendly substitute for bus and van advertising, tricycle advertising is the best solution for your marketing requirements.

We also book multiple tricycles to cover a specific area where you want to market your product.These tricycles can run for 8 hours every day and meet viewers while on the move. Get the best out of your marketing investments with our tricycle advertising.

tricycle advertising


Cab Advertising is the source of attracting massive reach with a cost-effective budget. You can see that taxis and cabs as a general transportation mode throughout our country. Numerous brands view this as an opportunity to reach the masses and build rapport with their targeted audience.

Cab and Taxi promotions can get views from a targeted audience in a city. You can also select taxis as per long and short routes and choose from different options to advertise, such as taxi wrapping and in-car advertising.

We have a fleet of cabs and taxies that roam all over the city and promote your services. Various brands use this strategy of broadcasting their services; you can use it for your product too. Help your product target a specific audience with cab advertising.

cab advertising


Auto Rickshaw advertising is the best way to target a particular location in any city of India. Auto-rickshaws can generally travel 80-100 kilometers in a shift catching maximum views in the city. You can display your ad on the rain cover or hood of auto-rickshaws. These ads are visible from far. With rickshaw advertising, you can target any area or city.

We have a pan-India solution for your auto-rickshaw advertisement requirements.With an ever-increasing fleet of rickshaw advertisers under our roof, we can help you garner leads from all corners of the city.

Rickshaw advertising is like an asset for your business that promotes your business with a one-time investment. Connect with us to get this one-time investment marketing strategy.

Auto Rickshaw advertising

Transit media refers to as advertisements strategically placed on public transport. The goal of transit media is to promote your brand to thousands of people who travel the country's streets and highways every day.You can advertise your brand with buses, metros, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and local trains. With the help of transit media, you can approach a diverse audience such as professionals heading for work, students going to colleges, daily commuters, and even tourists.

We've managed to promote our clients on multiple transit media services, such as buses, bus queues, airport, train/railway, van/canter, tricycle, cab, auto-rickshaw, and much more. Here are some of our transit media advertising services: